V Energy calls on ‘V Heads’ to make a choice

A new V Energy campaign launched via YouTube and Facebook by Colenso BBDO is offering consumers the opportunity to get their hands on a grand prize of a $20,000 experience. 

Hosted within the Vheadtohead Facebook app and promoted on billboards, package branding and through a YouTube pre-roll, the new campaign questions what type of ‘V Head’ consumers are and then encourages them to enter the competition by selecting one of four options: AdventureHead, PetrolHead, TechHead or MusicHead.


Depending on the option made, the user will then be entered into a draw to win either an experience or a range of accessories associated with the selection. 

The new campaign effectively brings together some of the key elements that have featured in recent V Energy TVCs and thereby offers a summarised glimpse at what message the brand is trying to relay.

Last year June, V released the ‘Golf Cart Battle’ TVC, which featured a collection of modified carts driving very irresponsibly in a domain usually dominated by the more reserved the upper echelons of society.

“We wanted to amplify some of the things we’re famous for … V is about dialing up the fun factor and this campaign puts a V twist on golf, which – let’s face it – is fairly mundane,” V marketing manager Luke Rive told StopPress when the campaign was released. 

As was the case in this previous campaign, V is again placing emphasis on extreme activities by giving competition entrants a chance to jump out of plane, dive with sharks or take a spin around a speedway. 

A year before this, it was all about tech gadgetry and music, as V launched the V Motion Project, which combined dubstep dance moves, state-of-the-art lighting and motion-detection technology in a video that racked up over 700,000 views on YouTube.  


As with previous campaigns, V is again taking a very digital approach by keeping the promotions and the competition online. This could really be seen as a case of taking the message to the target market comprised largely by the younger social media-savvy generation. 

And this approach seems to be working, because V currently holds 60 percent of the energy drink market in New Zealand—something which is unique, given Red Bull’s dominance in most international markets.

The newest campaign does however include an interesting shift, in the sense that it places greater focus on the consumer with the use of the ‘V Head’ identifier.

Whereas Red Bull has latched itself onto a variety of subcultures—big wave surfing, mountaineering and skydiving—V is instead trying to establish its own tribe of brand followers that are typified by their participation in subversive activities.

An extreme example of this was recently evident on the V Energy Facebook, where loyal drinkers of the sugary cocktail shared images of the V tattoos that they had inked onto their skins.





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