Winks gets nod

We searched over hill and over dale for the perfect deputy editor on NZ Marketing and StopPress.co.nz. And it was a highly sought after position. But in the end ex-Campbell Live bod Catherine Winks beat out the guy with experience in the adult entertainment industry and the guy who started off his interview by saying he hated advertising. 

“Ironically, I’m only here because I missed out on the job in the adult entertainment industry,” she says.

After spending ten years, or a third of her life at TV3, editing news and promo producing for Campbell Live, she claims to have seen the light.

“Okay I was disestablished. So here I am, ready to enjoy boozy lunches and free notepads and get paid bucketloads of gold bullion in the salubrious world of marketing and magazines. Please be kind.”

Ben Fahy, Winks’ draconian overlord, says he’s excited, thrilled, delighted, overjoyed and gobsmacked about the new arrival and took the opportunity to point out that he technically beat Shane Cameron in a fight last night after getting a higher score than him on the boxing machine at Puma Social.

“Cath brought in muffins for her interview. So we knew she was the one.”

Winks can be contacted at [email protected].

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