“When will you want to see real people?”

As visitors flocked to an exhibition, which displayed over-sized sculptures of hyper-real human beings, one boy looking downcast on the street was barely noticed, but this quickly changed.

While people queued for over four hours to view the exhibition, a young boy acting homeless sat on a poster which cried out “When will you want to see real people?” as he imitated the position of the sculpture Boy in the exhibit.

A video clip documenting the campaign, by agency Lew’Lara TBWA, can be seen here.

Passers-by soon became aware that while they were paying money to look at fake sculptures of people, they were ignoring real people, young kids struggling to survive and begging on the street who needed the money more.

The interactive campaign was for Sante Fe Welfare Association. When passers-by took pictures of the barcode on the poster and were redirected to its website where they could donate.

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