Westpac pushes its business banking with Wayne’s worrisome work/life balance

We Kiwis like to think we've got it sorted, living as we do in our little slice of '100% Pure' paradise. But we have plenty of demons and the truth is that New Zealand is "one of the worst-ranking OECD nations in terms of the percentage of the population that works 'very long hours'". So Westpac and DDB have dramatised that fact with another entertaining ad as part of its 'Start Asking' campaign that shows the pitfalls of owning your own business. 


According to the Herald, an OECD report from last year found 13 percent of New Zealanders (20 percent of men and seven percent of women) worked more than 50 hours a week, compared with an average of nine percent for all other countries. We're also far less productive (France is at the opposite end of the spectrum, with low working hours and high productivity). And, as the 30 second product ad that follows on in the same vein as Flatties and Hand Outs, that's obviously something Wayne from Wayne's Weld is struggling with (semi-related fact that will make you feel old: it was the 20th anniversary of Wayne's World recently). 

“One of the long standing truths of owning your own small business is that half the time it feels like the business owns you," says Michael Healy, Westpac’s portfolio director of brand and marketing. "While Westpac can’t help you with another weekend at the beach, we can help you make your business banking a bit easier.”

Andy Fackrell, executive creative director from DDB, says Wayne has already garnered a huge following in just one week. "quite simply because his plight resonates with so many of us who long for a better work/life balance". 


Category: Business equipment and services

Agency: DDB New Zealand

Client: Westpac

Production: Prodigy Films

Director: Tim Bullock

Executive Creative Director: Andy Fackrell

Creative Director: Shane Bradnick

Copywriter: Jay Hunt / Pete Gosselin

Art Director: Jay Hunt / Pete Gosselin

Producer: Nikki Walker

Production Company: Prodigy

Executive Producer: Judy Thompson

Agency Producer: Rosie Grayson

DOP: Germain McMiking

Editor: Adam Willis

Sound: Jon Cooper

Post production: Toybox

Planner: Rupert Price

Account Director: Jenny Travers

Group Account Director: Zoe Alden

Client Credits:

Callum Wilson: GM Strategy and CE

Sharon van Gulik: Head of Brand and Marketing Communications

Michael Healy: Portfolio Director – Brand and Marketing Strategy and Customer Experience

Michal Petrus: Senior Marketing and Planning Manager of SME Marketing and Customer Experience 

Marianne Falconer: Portfolio Manager, Business Marketing   

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