‘Quite nice beer’—UPDATED

Leigh Hart has a prominent role as the prat-falling face of Hellers. But he’s not stopping at meat. Now he’s moving into beer, with his new mostly fake brew Wakachangi—”a South Otago beer with North Canterbury flavours brewed by a West Coaster with the ol’ misty waters of the Waikato”—offering an entertaining commentary on how brewers market their wares. 

The contradictory use of a scantily-clad woman in the behind-the-scenes clip takes a none-too-subtle dig at Tui, and the phrases “quite nice beer”, “2013 Moon Breweries Best Beer Award” and “Uncle Kenny’s award winning premium non-export sports lager” parody the label trickery often employed. 

Harringtons Brewery in Christchurch is on the label, so while there’s plenty of piss-takery involved, including the founding date of ​May 11, 1648,​ it does appear that it can actually be consumed. And you can even get a t-shirt, just in time for Re-O Weeks

UPDATE: The beer is being launched around the country (check out the locations here) and they hope it won’t just be a limited edition. And there’s another video showing just how much effort goes into the creation of a label. 

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