Maybelline’s manicured art factory

Maybelline New Zealand is turning the humble manicure into works of art, getting Kiwi ladies (and perhaps a few lads) to strut their 10 fingernail-sized canvases through a Facebook app.

Using the Maybelline Nail Art Factory app, users can upload photos of their latest painted tiny masterpieces. The public then votes on the submissions for their favourite, with prizes given to the most popular designs.

Annoyingly, the app relentlessly asks permission for access to your Facebook profile, even when you decline multiple times.

The campaign promotes Maybelline’s Color [sic]Show line of polish products. In addition to the Facebook app, Maybelline has purchased ad space on fashion blogs such as Beauty Bible and FashioNZ .

The Nail Art Factory concept is originally from the US, but adapted for New Zealand by Bullseye Digital. The Australian digital agency launched an Auckland office in February last year. One of its key clients here is French cosmetics giant L’Oreal, which owns Maybelline.

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