Vodafone’s newly connected granddad spot wins Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact Award for September

The digital divide between generations is something that will presumably always be with us (and will be presumably always be equal parts entertaining and frustrating for the young folk who have to teach the oldies how to use new technology). But Vodafone reckons its tech ninjas can help. And its TV spot featuring a grandfather who is taught how to communicate with his grandson has taken out Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact Award for September.

The ad via FCB features an old man looking slightly dejected after his grandson leaves to go to University in the middle of a chess match between the two.

Granddad pines for his grandson and frustratedly taps on his non-responsive mobile phone. After a short trip into the Vodafone store and a conversation with one of its “tech ninjas”, he connects with him by texting a picture of the board and the simple message “hurry up boy, your turn” (perhaps the ‘tech ninja’ should have told the old chap about the various online chess services that exist).  

The ad is part of a Vodafone campaign with the tagline, ‘Life’s better together’, which highlights the advantages of keeping in contact with the people closest to them.

Interviewed by StopPress back in September, Vodafone’s head of brand and consumer communications Liz Wilson explained the telco’s tech ninjas are about helping people make the most out of new technologies on offer.

“Today, more and more Kiwis are enjoying smart devices but many of them know they aren’t using them to their full potential. That’s why Vodafone have Ninjas – trained masters of tech. Found in-store and online, they’re ready to help with all those curly tech questions or simple tips so customers can get the most out of their technology.” 

Colmar Brunton’s Harriet Dixon says the ad has had great impact, with consumers finding it highly engaging and very enjoyable.

“As well as generating strong appeal for the Vodafone brand among consumers, it creates that all important emotional connection which aids brand equity and builds long term sales. This has all worked together to create a very memorable ad for Vodafone.” 

In second place was Bayleys ‘A World of Possibilities’.

“It’s an emotionally engaging ad, with good use of humour aiding its impact and memorability. It creates a strong emotional response to aid brand equity and long term sales.”

Tech ninjas really are doing some valuable work because, as Amy Schumer explains in this hilarious skit, teaching your mum how to use technology can be pretty emotionally draining.

Vodafone has been a regular winner of the Ad Impact Award, and took out the overall Ad of the Year Award for James Rolleston’s final fling with the brand for its Christmas push

And the local branch also received the highest form of flattery after Vodafone Ireland replicated its successful Piggy Sue advertisement with an ad that swapped Keith for Donal

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