Vodafone appoints UMS to manage Chinese digital marketing account

Chinese digital marketing agency United Media Solution (UMS) has been appointed by Vodafone New Zealand in order to engage more with Chinese New Zealanders. 

UMS will be tasked with ensuring Vodafone’s content and services consistently meet the needs of their Chinese-speaking customers. It will also engage with the Vodafone team to adapt all of its marketing and advertising collateral into Chinese, as well as provide ongoing strategic insights and customer behaviour data to ensure the communications and delivery channels are relevant and effective.

UMS is a full-service independent digital agency that specialises in social media. The agency has offices in Shanghai, Ningbo and Auckland, and already works with local brands such as Air New Zealand, Auckland Airport, Ecostore and Tourism New Zealand.

This is the first time Vodafone has appointed a full-service Chinese digital agency with the move coinciding with the launch of the company’s Red Connect service, a Chinese language service for customers. 

Vodafone will also now be looking to create an official Vodafone WeChat account which will enable Chinese New Zealanders to connect with Vodafone in their native language. 

“Vodafone New Zealand is showing strong leadership in its move to engage with New Zealand’s growing Chinese by using their preferred communication channels of WeChat and Weibo,” says Jessica Miao, CEO of UMS.

“Getting the right content is important, but it is also vital to be able to understand the culture, the philosophy, the rapid growth of technology in China and especially the unique user experience within the Chinese social media platform.”

Vodafone international segment marketing manager Karen Roncon adds that having authentic communication with the Chinese community in New Zealand is vital for the company.

“We are excited to be partnering with UMS with this important initiative. We are passionate about Red Connect, and want to ensure that we are communicating with our customers in the way that they are most comfortable with. It is not just about language, but also a deep understanding of culture and values,” she says.

“We want to provide a seamless experience, where we respond quickly with the latest information and service offerings to surprise and delight in the ways that we can help our customers with all their needs.”

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