Virtual good with virtual goods: Tequila\ goes social for ANZ’s Poppy Day Appeal

In what’s being called a world first, Tequila\ is taking ANZ Bank’s fundraising campaign for the RSA into the realm of social media by allowing Kiwis to donate funds to the Poppy Day Appeal via SMS and rebadging their Twitter avatars with the familiar poppy icon in the corner.

“Just as people can donate on the street and wear a badge showing their support for Poppy Day they can now donate with a text then wear their badge on social media,” says James Perrin, ANZ head of digital marketing. “Twitter profile images often represent someone’s personality and adding a poppy to it demonstrates their personal support for Poppy Day.”

People are becoming increasingly accustomed to parting with their cash for virtual goods (in the States the virtual goods industry has been estimated to be worth $2.9 billion in 2012). And it is hoped this social media donation mechanic will help make Poppy Day relevant to a new audience and engage people in a social media environment.

“Poppy Day is a significant and important event in New Zealand’s annual calendar,” says Ross Howard, Tequila\’s creative director. “We want to provide a new context for poppies and resonate with a digitally savvy audience who might not respond to traditional street appeals. We believe social media is the way forward for fundraising appeals in our increasingly cashless society. We plan to use the ground-breaking donation technology that we have has developed for this campaign with Touchpoint to help build a fundraising groundswell, adding more social networks and charities as time goes by.”

Twitter users can text their username to 336 to make an instant $3 donation to the appeal. And as well as the Twitter service, ANZ is also collecting donations to the Poppy Day Appeal in ANZ and National Bank branches throughout New Zealand.

Got to www.anz.ac.nz for more information on the campaign.



ANZ Head of Digital Marketing – James Perrin


Account Director – Debbie Hewitt

Creative Director – Ross Howard

Producer – Henson Tan

Digital Creative – Jake Fitter

Designer – Hsichen Hsieh

Integration Partner – Touchpoint

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