VideoTaxi’s subscription model: Fast, economical and a dream ride

VideoTaxi’s revolutionary subscription model means your business can profit from creative, technically excellent videos for less of your budget.

Today, video comprises up to 80 percent of internet traffic and the Kiwi-owned video production company helps businesses to harness this marketing power and enjoy substantial cost savings.

That’s because award-winning VideoTaxi is the first company in the world to offer such a time- and money-saving subscription service with no hidden surprises. Need to constantly update social media marketing? No problem, because VideoTaxi makes it easy and affordable.

More and more companies have been signing up for VideoTaxi’s premium-quality marketing and communications videos. As a result, the company has been growing rapidly, and not just in New Zealand.

Overseas businesses are making the most of its expertise and marketing tools through franchises in the US, Belgium and Brazil. 

Jean-Luc Darne, Videographer for VideoTaxi.

Clients have their own personal cabby who works when and where needed. No matter what the multi-skilled, experienced cabbies do – brainstorming ideas, unlimited shooting, editing, graphics, drone filming, green-screen studio filming and more – it is all charged at the same hourly rate.

“It gives financial peace of mind,” says VideoTaxi co-owner and general manager Ondrej Havas, who pioneered the subscription model two years ago.

“You know what it’s going to cost before you set out.”

Ondrej Havas

It also saves precious time that clients could be spending on their core business. “There’s one corporate approval for an annual budget, so no need to continuously get quotes for each project.”

As well as delivering top-quality results and budget savings, VideoTaxi has additional benefits: nationwide service, a centralised bank for clients’ digital collateral, and a phone app so they can shoot and add content from their phones.

VideoTaxi is also highly responsive so businesses can take advantage of rapidly evolving situations and market cycles.

Hannah Taylor

You only need to look at the New Zealand corporates that used VideoTaxi during the height of the Covid-19 crisis.

“We were able to adapt quickly to what our customers needed, and communicate it, in a constantly changing environment,” says Hannah Taylor, Head of Internal Communications Chorus.

“It really was content made easy – and in very challenging times.”

Other major companies sold on VideoTaxi’s subscription service include Genesis, PlaceMakers, ATEED, Countdown, Suncorp, AA Insurance and Westfield.

“VideoTaxi has changed the way we approach our marketing,” says Meg Hockly, SCentre Group (Westfield).

“Now we buy a subscription and use the service as we would a department in our own company – but without the added costs of extra staff. We get high-calibre videos but without the hassle of booking lots of contractors and having unexpected bills at the end of the project.” 

For more information visit; www.videotaxi.cab

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