Special Group wraps up one of the country’s most creatively-connected campaigns

As our country is the first to see the sunrise each day, Special Group and Tourism New Zealand created the year-long ‘Good Morning World’ campaign, now wrapping up, the campaign highlighted 365 different Kiwi mornings and showed the unbeatable beauty of our country.

The 365 New Zealanders who participated shared the things and places they love within New Zealand along with authentic personal messages. Following a shift in Tourism New Zealand’s strategy, this campaign focused on the genuine warm welcome of New Zealanders ‘100 percent Pure Welcome, 100% New Zealand’, as opposed to focusing on the country’s scenery, ‘100% Pure New Zealand’.

A staggering 92 days of filming took place, along with the equivalent of three and a half feature films worth of footage captured. This created more than 2900 outputs which generated a staggering 600 million impressions globally.

Using a unique approach as well as genuine New Zealanders, the heart of the campaign has brought it such success. Over 12 million comments have been left throughout the year, with many international viewers pleading for the campaign to continue.

“To say that this project was big and complicated is quite an understatement,” says Special Group CEO Tony Bradbourne.

“Creating campaigns that run in so many varied markets globally are quite rare in New Zealand so we had to match the scale of the brief with a creative idea of equal scale and ambition.”

“It’s fantastic to see a campaign that has had such a big impact globally, also be recognised around the world for its creative ambition. This was a brave ask of our clients and it has paid off,” says Rory Gallery, head of strategy at Special Group.

Tourism New Zealand crowned the campaign as ‘the most successful ever’ in the 20-year history of Pure New Zealand.

“Good Morning World surpassed all our expectations and reignited people’s desire for a New Zealand holiday,” says Brodie Reid, director of marketing of Tourism New Zealand.

“This is the highest performing campaign we’ve ever done, from both a long-term brand building perspective and a short-term motivation.”

The campaign grew in the number of people demonstrating intent to book a visit to New Zealand, with an incredible 1,590 percent increase in searches for “New Zealand” after the first weekend of activity in the AU market.

Tourism New Zealand’s audience tracking also revealed a significant increase in travellers who had successfully now been moved into a ‘booking mindset’ for a New Zealand holiday.

In Australia the campaign generated NZD $7.3M Equivalent Media Value (EAV), with Good Morning World reaching 17.2M Australians through total earned media and social coverage.

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