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As my mother always said, whether you’re engaging in shemale love, being attacked by a shark,  suffering from horrible sunburn or lying under a car close to death, there’s always someone worse off than you. And, really, when you’ve got the joy of MySky’s excellent content waiting for you at home, who cares if you’ve got no arms/melanoma/shemale love guilt/or a crushed spleen? Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.

DDB’s entertainingly politically incorrect ‘Your Happy Place’ brand campaign for Sky Televison has brought these overly optimistic insights to life with the launch of the MySky TVC and four 45 second TVCs highlighting sport, movies, documentaries and lifestyle shows.  A large outdoor campaign will also run from the beginning of December and it will be supported by print and online.

DDB’s executive creative director Toby Talbot says the TVC uses extreme exaggeration to tell the story and juxtaposes a range of horrible situations with a joyful version of ‘Que Sera Sera’.

The ‘alternative’ version of the song went to air this week after 9.30pm and a family-friendly version will be screened before 9.30pm. A 90 second uncut version will play in cinemas.

New York director David Shane came to New Zealand for a month to shoot the ad, which was filmed in and around Auckland (doubtful he’d get away with this in the States) and Aussie actors were used to avoid Kiwi actor overexposure.

Kiwi expat, Hamish Rothwell from Good Oil Films in Sydney shot the four content spots, ‘Jonah’, ‘Martin Luther’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Nigella’.

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