V Battle Carts makes golf interesting

What would happen if energy drink companies were in charge of the rule books for golf? The sport would probably look a lot like V’s latest campaign, which sees people hunting down a robotic golf hole while battling each other from inside of “virtually indestructible” golf carts.

V’s ‘Battle Carts’ was dreamed up in conjunction with Colenso BBDO, no doubt amidst a guarana-fueled fever dream at Colenso HQ. It continues V’s tradition of doing crazy things for the sake of crazy (and the publicity which accompanies said craziness), which has in the past included giant paintball cannons, V-green monster trucks and virtual dubsteppers. 

“We wanted to amplify some of the things we’re famous for,” says V marketing manager Luke Rive.

“V is about dialing up the fun factor and this campaign puts a V twist on golf, which – let’s face it – is fairly mundane.” 

The battle carts themselves were modified by Auckland-based Rollercoaster Design, which also does the props work for TV3’s X-Factor New Zealand. As the video above shows, they’re up to being bumped and tumbling around the fairway (Warkworth Golf Club played host).

The public will get a chance to take the battle carts for a spin. V is launching a competition where a town can bid (through social shares) to host a full day of battle carting, with prizes for the winners.

“With a lot of our campaigns, the feeling people come away with is ‘That’s cool, I want to try it’. This is what we want to do with Battle Carts too,” he says.

Rive says the footage from the public battle cart day will be used online for further V promotions.


Agency: Colenso BBDO

Production: 8com

​Cart modifications: Rollercoaster Design


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