Twenty gets a slice of Tower’s business

Tower Insurance has a new agency for data-driven marketing in Twenty, which, since the beginning of the month, has been working on the insurer’s data, data insights, customer strategy and direct-to-consumer acquisition marketing.

Tower general manager marketing and product Tony Antonucci confirmed the appointment and says he is pleased with the partnership.

“Twenty has exceptional credentials built on achieving significant results in our sector. We reacted quickly to secure that expertise and to make it available to our team,” he says. “We intend to realise the full potential for data-driven marketing and technology to create better outcomes for our customers. Twenty provides that rare mix of talent that will help us get there.”

Twenty NZ managing director Simon Breed says Tower will be looking at exactly who its customers are, what they are buying from it now, what those ownership cycles look like, what the opportunities and threats look like at a customer level and what the potential life time value is of those customers.

This information will then be applied to acquire more customers who are likely to be profitable, as well as keeping hold of existing customers to optimise that value for as long as possible.

While Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu is responsible for creating Tower’s above-the-line campaigns, Twenty will tie in with that to leverage the creative as much as possible below-the-line.

Breed says there is more opportunity than ever before for data-informed strategy to make a fundamental difference to business performance and it’s clear that Tower is looking to embrace that opportunity.

“The timing of this appointment is incredibly important to us. We have a rejuvenated team highly motivated to ensure Tower win an unreasonably large chunk of the market in coming years. It’s a partnership and an opportunity we are relishing.”

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