Bloodcurdling baseball

Japanese baseball fans got a fright as two of the country’s most well-known horror characters took to the field to promote the upcoming Sadako vs Kayako, a mash up of The Ring and The Grudge.

During the cheerleaders’ opening performance, the music stops and the big screens played a clip of Sadako (The Ring) crawling out of the TV screen, signaling her presence on the field.

Ready to pitch, she sports baseball shoes and a black baseball mitt with her iconic white dress and long black hair.

Kayako (The Grudge) is the next to enter and streaked in blood, she makes her way to the home plate.

Sadako pitches, surprisingly straight considering her hair covers her face, and Kyako hits a 96 km/h ball. It’s then young Toshio, also from The Grudge, who runs to first base concluding the game.

The real baseball game between the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the Yakult Swallows followed.

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