TVCs of the week: 7 July

Who it’s for: Vodafone by FCB and 8com

Why we like it: It’s no secret that mobile technology has contributed to creating a generation of bowed heads. And while this is at most disconcerting when it comes to adults, it’s downright terrifying for many parents who are concerned about what their children are accessing when looking down at the rectangular screens. So, to address this issue, Vodafone has launched an integrated campaign that allows parents to better manage what their kids and looking at. And rather than simply villainising technology as a force destroying the world, the campaign gives a heartwarming reminder of what an integral role mobile phones play in our daily lives.     

Who it’s for: Semi-Permanent by Young & Shand

Why we like it: By taking a look at the plight of working in Auckland’s ad agencies, the spot provides a pretty strong argument as to why it might be worthwhile for creatives to take a break from the daily grind and give their minds some much-needed nourishment. Whether the ad is a joke or meant to be taken seriously is unclear, but the organisers will no doubt be happy that the promo got people talking about something related to the event. 

Who it’s for: Kiwibank by Jamie Curry, EightyOne and Stem Creative.

Why we like it: Although this isn’t a TVC, Curry commands a big enough audience to compete with most major broadcasters. And following from her promotional projects with Netflix and Coca-Cola, she is now lending her skills to the banking industry through a new series that documents her move from Napier to Auckland. Admittedly, the content can be a bit cringeworthy for those that lie outside Curry’s fan group, but the fact that the first video has already tallied hundreds of thousands of views is again indicative of why brands are so willing to get the YouTube starlet involved in their campaigns.    

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