TVCs of the Week: 5 November

Who’s it for: Bell Tea by TBWA\ and Assembly

Why we like it: It didn’t fare too well in the comments section, but when the industry dislikes an ad, that often tends to mean normal humans will love it. And, as evidenced by the success of Tasti’s recent campaign, Kiwis still love them a bit of nostalgia. 

Who’s it for: Hallenstein Brothers by Lachlan McPherson & Friends

Why we like it: Trying to convince the young’uns that a recycled suit is cool is a tough ask, but they’ve done a pretty good job of it. 

Who’s it for: Kiwirail Scenic by Clemenger BBDO 

Why we like it: Its freight division has tried to portray a more modern image with its latest campaign. But, with beautiful shots of New Zealand, opera and some very relaxed looking passengers, the Scenic division seems to be trying to do the opposite by capturing the romance of rail travel. 

Who’s it for: Lotto Triple Dip by DDB and Finch

Why we like it: Who needs a Maserati when you can spend your winnings on a pimped out chilly bin this summer? 

Who’s it for: Axis Awards by Clemenger BBDO and DraftFCB

Why we like it: Not even close to a TVC, but it’s good to see the friendly rivalries and various industry in-jokes spill out into the public domain in video format. 

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