TVCs of the week: 31 March

Who’s it for: Anchor by Colenso BBDO and Flying Fish

Why we like it: Colenso BBDO continues its lactose-inspired series with a new instalment that features a model with a head of aesthetically pleasing hair. In the latest edition what at first seems to be another clichéd hair ad quickly twists into something very different when the answer to obtaining beautiful locks is presented in the shape of a glass of milk.    

Who’s it for: Pak ‘n Save by FCB

Why we like it: Every once in a while, Stick Man walks onto Kiwi TV screens to put a smile on viewers’ faces with his minimalist approach to advertising. And the latest addition to Pak ‘n Save’s growing canon of quirky ads features a horse that refuses beer and wine on account of “driving” home. Very responsible, indeed.     

Who’s it for: World Vision by NZME

Why we like it: rather than simply bombarding viewers with harrowing statistics and a series of depressing imagery in its latest campaign, World Vision has collaborated with NZME to tell the stories of some of the individuals suffering in Syria. And although this isn’t a TVC, the journalistic prowess of Rachel Smalley illustrates how long-form storytelling can be used to deliver impact and resonance that would be difficult to achieve within the limits of a 30-second TVC. What’s more is that the content is editorially interesting enough to attract the interest of the NZ Herald’s readers.       

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