Not a shampoo ad: Colenso completes the ‘Must be Milk’ trilogy

Anchor has released the last in a three-part series of ads via Colenso BBDO and Flying Fish as part of the ‘Must Be Milk’ campaign, which stresses the importance of milk for healthy teeth, muscles and now hair.

The latest instalment features a young Kiwi model called Imogen and plays out like a standard shampoo ad before shifting to something quite different.  

In the 30-second TVC, the model photographed for the shoot. Beautiful slow-motion shots are captured of her glorious hair being given the fan treatment while a voiceover talks about what it takes to have locks that look this good. Then, at the end of the spot, just as the viewer expects the shampoo brand to be revealed, she sips a glass of milk and the voiceover quips: “You need a product that nourishes, but you don’t get this one from the salon, you get it form the fridge.”

In the first instalment of the campaign five-year-old Lila and her mum discover the joy of the tooth fairy and Lila gives her take on growing older, where teeth come from and the tooth fairy’s roll in it all. Online, the clip focuses on her mum and how she feels about her little girl growing up. And in the real world—and in a similar fashion to various Santa services—Anchor will help parents bring some of that magic to life with personalised letters from the tooth fairy.

Anchor then followed on by showing how it helps grow muscle with a beautifully made spot featuring a dancer called Nathan.

Directed by James Solomon from Flying Fish, the ad features a series of slow-motion shots, plenty of impressive moves and rippling abs (the Adshels are also very ab-heavy). And it aims to position milk as a sports drink to “help grow muscle, strengthen bone and recover fast”.

Each story is accompanied by behind-the-scenes content, shot on the day of filming.

According to the release, Nathan and his Kiwi dance troop are about to appear in Hollywood movie, Born to Dance, which will see Nathan put university on hold as he heads to America to fulfil his dream. Similarly, Imogen, a fledgling model, has embarked on a modelling assignment in Japan.

Colenso BBDO creative director Mick Stalker says that the the team didn’t want to tread familiar ground with the new adds. 

“… our search for interesting stories led us to some interesting people who were on a tipping point in realising their potential,” he says. “We wanted to bring the benefits of milk to life through real people and real stories and Nathan’s and Imogen’s were perfect. And let’s not forget their mums; their dedication to supporting and enabling the potential of their children and of course the role that nutrition and development have played in this.”

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