TVCs of the Week: 3 March

Who it’s for: Bauer Media by FCB and Plaza Films  

Why we like it: Bauer spent $1.5 million in a bid to convince women to take a bit of time for themselves via a delightfully insane series of spots that feature a Zsa-Zsa Gabor-esque character giving advice on how to go about disconnecting from the stresses of life. This campaign also gets bonus points for the bravery it takes to be one of few to feature the word ‘die’ in its catchphrase.  

Who it’s for: Meridian by Barnes, Catmur and Friends

Why we like it: Jeremy Wells has a jawline so sharp that he could possibly use it to slice through a watermelon with ease. This aesthetic feature when combined with his consistent ability to make Kiwis crack up—whether on the radio, a Herald-based political series or the Alternative Commentary Collective stream—makes him a great spokesperson for the energy company—and it’s thus no surprise that Barnes, Catmur & Friends kept him onboard after taking over the account from Assignment Group in October last year.     

Who it’s for: Speight’s by DDB and Good Oil Films  

Why we like: Repurposing the fable of the Little Red Hen into a blokey modern tale, DDB’s new spot for Speight’s plays on the friendship that often accompanies a few bottles of beer. And the spot definitely gets extra kudos for silly butt-crack jokes, the cat man and the slide-out barbecue.   

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