TVCs of the week: 21 April

Who it’s for: NZTA by Clemenger BBDO

Why we like it: the NZTA and Clemenger BBDO have over the past few years enjoyed a successful creative relationship, and this trend continues with a new spot that aims to discourage ingrained middle-age behaviour. It’s an uncomfortable watch that viscerally reminds viewers—particularly those with children—that the drink driving limit has dropped.    

Who’s it for: Tasti by Contagion and Two Heads

Why we like it: Tasti is always eager to showcase its Kiwi side, and there isn’t anything much more Kiwi than reuniting Kiwi family members and letting them release a rescued kiwi into the wild. It’s always great to see brands doing something kind for the ordinary folks who buy the products and keep the companies afloat.     

Who it’s for: Mitsubishi by Clemenger BBDO and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: Clemenger gets a second spot in this week’s edition, and it’s also driving related. But rather than focusing on encouraging those behind the wheel to drive safely, this ad provides a quirky nod to Mitsubishi’s famed reliability.     

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Posted by Spark on Sunday, 29 March 2015

Who it’s for: Spark by Four Eyes, Useful Films and Sherson & Willis

Why we like it: In a bid to reach the trendy young ‘uns, Spark collaborated with street style blog Four Eyes for a campaign called ‘The New Swag’. And while the cringey use of the word ‘swag’ throughout the creative might be a turnoff to some, the ad is well put together. And it definitely gets bonus points for not featuring any spinning phones.       

Who it’s for: Coca-Cola by Ogilvy Sydney

Why we like it: Rather than sticking the to well-worn advertising route of shooting an ad in one of the major metropolitan areas, Coca-Cola headed to the small rural town of Otira to introduce the latest addition to its range of soft drinks to the 87 people who live there. The spot provides an endearing glimpse at a few of the locals in the region getting their first taste of the drink, which is sweetened with stevia.     

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