TVCs of the Week: 18 November

Who’s it for: Haier by Alt Group and Flying Start

Why we like it: Simple, charming, well-shot scenes of domestic bliss/domestic annoyances with Haier’s products basking in the glow in the background. Originally made to go online, the content was popular enough to morph into a 60 second TVC airing in New Zealand and Australia. 

Who’s it for: Rebel Sport by Ogilvy & Mather and Curious

Why we like it: Like its winter effort, the seasonal poem read by Ladi6 could be seen as overly earnest, but it’s certainly pretty to look at—and it’s practical too, as the beautiful footage shot by Zia Mandviwalla is also being used in its various summer retail campaigns. 

Who’s it for: Fiji Air by Iris Worldwide and Z Space

Why we like it: A simple day in the life approach that shows a hard-working dairy farming family from Hamilton fully embracing a trip to the Pacific with the recently rebranded airline. 

Who’s it for: New World by .99 and Finch

Why we like it: The old ‘santa hiding in plain sight’ gag has been done a fair bit in advertising, but it still works quite well. And while it’s not quite as mad as its previous two campaigns, an ad with no dialogue that shows a nervous looking Noel chowing down on cookies and milk is still a bit different as far as Christmas campaigns go. 

Who’s it for: Maori TV and NZ Post

Why we like it: As part of a series aimed at improving water safety among over-confident Maori males, fictional character Nani Pupu has been brought in to dish out some tough love. And it’s a good example of the trend towards using entertainment to promote serious messages. 

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