TVCs of the Week: 18 February

Who’s it for: Lotto by DDB and Plaza Films

Why we like it: Following on from a relatively recent change in strategy to try and get punters excited about their chances, this campaign shows the unbridled joy of winning—and of perfectly timed high fives. Looks like the Lotto logo has had a bit of a spruce up, too. 

Who’s it for: NZ Beef and Lamb by Tangible Media Content Marketing and OnDigital

Why we like it: Aside from the fact that NZ Beef and Lamb chief executive Rod Slater agreed to get in front of the camera, it’s a simple idea done well. 

Who’s it for: Axis Awards (x 2) by Special Group and Barnes, Catmur & Friends

Why we like it: The indies have followed on from the entertaining efforts of their larger competitors and delivered the goods for the Axis call for entries campaign. And while they both took very different approaches, they both featured a heady combination of praise and good-natured ribbing. 

Who’s it for: Jim Beam by Ruskin

Why we like it: A big US spot starring new ambassador Mila Kunis that does a good job of showing just how long the brand has been around. And a lot of was filmed right here. 

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