TVCs of the week: 18 August

Who’s it for: Trade Me Insurance by Assignment Group and Doublefish

Why we like it: For the launch of its insurance offering, Trade Me decided to give a literal interpretation of the generally accepted notion that insurance paperwork tends to be a massive pain in the butt. The simple idea was well executed and effectively relays the message that will no doubt resonate with Kiwis who have become well accustomed to the anal discomfort induced by reams and reams of paper.   

Who’s it for: State Insurance by Colenso BBDO and Finch

Why we like it: Both State and Trade Me focused on the simplicity of their offerings. But rather than including very specific references to butt pain in its ad, State instead focused on the fact that its service allows customers to spend more time on life than making claims from insuruance companies.

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by True and The Sweet Shop 

Why we like it: Advertisers are often advised not to allow sports stars to speak when they appear in an ad because of the risk that the resulting monologue or dialogue might come across as forced or contrived. Air New Zealand has, however, ignored this advice entirely and given rugby star Israel Dagg a lead singing role. And while Dagg isn’t going to win the Voice Australia for his performance, he is fortunately supported by someone who has done just that: Stan Walker.     

Who’s it for: Rexona 

Why we like it: While this ad certainly isn’t quite as spine tingling as the ‘Game before the game‘ by Beats, Rexona does a good job of intertwining the fan and player narratives over the course of two minutes and, in the process, celebrates the important role the fans will play when the rugby stars run onto pitch in England later this year.   

Who’s it for: Anchor by Colenso BBDO and Sigi

Why we like it: After nearly a century, Anchor milk has jumped back aboard the All Blacks bandwagon, partnering up with the team just before it heads into World Cup territory. And it has celebrated this reunion with a new TVC neatly melds the export stories of both Anchor and the All Blacks. 

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