TVCs of the Week: 17 March

Who’s it for: FMG by BCG2 and Exposure

​Why we like it: A nice, simple slice of rural life that celebrates some of the characters that help keep the country afloat—and tries to show that this insurance company understands their needs. 

Who’s it for: Tourism Fiji by Colenso BBDO and Curious

Why we like it: It’s been a stunner of a summer in New Zealand, but winter looms and the islands will presumably soon come into the nation’s thinking. And this simple spot does a good job of putting Fiji on the list. 

Who’s it for: Daikin by Sugar & Partners

Why we like it: While Fujitsu has added another sports star to its ads over the Cricket World Cup, Daikin has said goodbye to Dan Carter and replaced him with a son that just doesn’t want to leave his mate’s house. It’s almost like a human version of Prince Nikolai Stroganov III. 

Who’s it for: Cuca by TBWA Angola and Lance Kelleher

​Why we like it: The sapeurs of Africa are a sight to behold, something Guinness captured well in its ad from last year. And Lance Kelleher of 8 has done the same with this visual feast. 

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