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Ahhhh, y-fronts. The long-serving, long-suffering undergarment of choice of Homer Simpson, Walter White and probably millions of Kiwi men over the years. And Jockey is celebrating its invention of the famous style 80 years ago by taking us back to 1960.  

And here’s another classic that shows the y-front in all its sporty glory—and, as with its recent campaign, focuses on its ‘support’ of the All Blacks.  

Jockey didn’t want to give away too much about the current market dynamics and wouldn’t give specific figures, but it did admit sales of y-fronts are declining and they tend to be favoured by the older gentlemen (maybe there’s a potential market in hipsters wearing them ironically). But it did say the humble y-front is still “one of New Zealand’s biggest selling underwear styles”. 

The big growth area is in fitted trunks, like those seen on the All Blacks in its latest campaign or on the catwalk at Fashion Week

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