February Orca goes to FCB’s 45-second sale campaign for AS Colour

In the latest edition of the Orca awards, FCB’s Matt Williams and Freddie Coltart picked up the award award for their outrageous 45-second sale radio campaign for AS Colour.

The campaign was built on the premise that having customers in the store for longer periods of time would encourage them to diversify their shopping choices beyond the remit of plain t-shirts because they would wonder around and peruse the 450 different products on offer. 

To do this, the pair of creatives at FCB, devised a series of 45-second sales that would run concurrently with radio ads playing on Radio Hauraki.      

When ads were on, it was two-for-one instore. When they weren’t, customers waited for the next ad. And the more they waited, the more they got familiar with (and bought) product they’d never considered.  


Special mention was also made of Simon Vicars and Brett Colliver from Colenso BBDO for their Mizone campaign, which featured a range of quirky spots emphasising why the drink was superior to water.   

The FCB creative team pick up the $500 and a limited edition Martin Horspool certificate as well as a $5,000 radio schedule for AS Colour.

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