TVCS of the Week: 15 October

Who’s it for: Orcon by Contagion and Curious

Why we like it: Making fun of charity advertising cliches is a fairly risky approach. But Kim Dotcom’s the perfect pitchman for this kind of attention-grabbing schtick (slightly ironically, it’s thought he gave his fee to charity) and, given his notoriety, he’s a good get for a challenger brand like Orcon. 

Who’s it for: Tourism Fiji by Colenso BBDO and Curious

Why we like it: Tourism ads don’t have to be complicated. They need to pique people’s interest in visiting by showing them the good bits—and how they might feel when they’re where. And this Derek Henderson-shot spot, which features a whole range of classic tourism scenarios and aims to show that happiness is everywhere in Fiji, does that pretty well. And not an army general in sight. 

Who’s it for: MediaWorks Radio by MediaWorks and Pleasure Kraft

Why we like it: It’s no TVC, but it’s a good idea executed well and it’s always nice to see people in this industry laughing at themselves. 

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