TVCs of the Week: 14 May

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aLyqyd2CiQWho’s it for: Health Promotion Agency by DraftFCB and Exit Films. 

Why we like it: The last ‘ease up on the drink‘ ads took a fairly serious approach to try and get Kiwis to confront friends about their drinking. The Say Yeah Nah campaign also focuses on the role of friends, but it takes the informal, colloquial and entertaining approach to try and drum home the fact that it’s alright for people to say no to the booze. And they can still have a good night out without it, something those well-versed in liquid inhibition removal might find hard to believe. 


Who’s it for: Red Cross and Y&R, Flying Fish and Blacklist. 

Why we like it: Almost like the charity version of String Theory and Buck’s gonzo grand prix-winning Metamorphosis, this spot for the Red Cross annual appeal is mesmeric, beautifully made and shows that the organisation doesn’t just do the big jobs, it also sweats the small stuff.  

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