Hear ye, hear ye – the 2013 StopPress/MediaWorks TVC of the Year award voting has been extended

Audio visual content is still arguably the best way to convey emotion, tell stories and flog things. And, as evidenced by its position atop the ASA ad spend charts—and despite all the rhetoric and predictions of death—the telly is still a bloody popular advertising medium in this country. The advertising that appears on it is not always good, of course, but in an effort to celebrate what we feel are some of the best efforts of the past year and a bit, we’re asking our audience to choose their favourites as part of the StopPress/MediaWorks TVC of the Year competition.

Every week we choose a few TV ads or online videos that have tickled our fancy and let them wear the TVC of the Week crown (in some ways it’s surprising to think that at least one relatively good ad is released every week in this small country of ours). And we’ve whittled down those numerous weekly winners to 52 contenders for the overall prize.

  • Mash your finger here to see the finalists and vote for your five favourites. 

The ad at the top of the pile when voting closes on Monday, 29 July, will be given the People’s Choice award. The team behind the winning ad will also receive a $200 voucher for The Crown, Pack and Co’s newest establishment at 69 Customs St in Britomart and the first of its Little Empire Breweries. Feel free to share the love—and the link—to bump up your numbers. But it’s restricted to one vote per device.  

We’ve made a slight change to proceedings this year. The top ten ads as voted by our dear readers, as well as a few wildcards that might be deserving of a shot at the overall title, will then go into the next round and be judged by a jury.  

Ten people involved in the winning ad’s creation, whether it be client, agency partners or production company, will then be treated to a powerlunch at Everybody’s Izakaya, which has recently relaunched with a new look, a new Japanese theme and a new menu by culinary wunderkind Nick Honeyman, to celebrate their famous victory. 

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