Tui shakes up Yeah Right billboard for duck season

Tui is breaking years of tradition by adding some colour to its usually stoic black and orange billboards, in honour of duck shooting blokes everywhere.

A small number of Tui billboards around the country have been fitted with a new skin with a camouflage background, reading "Boots off in the mai-mai lads – Yeah right". For city slickers unware of what a mai-mai is, according to Wikipedia it's a hidden shelter used to shoot ducks from. Duck shooters are probably more likely to get this one.

Simon Smith, a spokesperson for Tui, says this is one of the few rare times the design formula of the iconic billboards have been tampered with since the first one appeared in 1994. The last was during the 2010 Football World Cup, when some billboards were painted white in support of the All Whites.

Smith says having a colour background has meant a bit of adaptation on the part of Tui's billboard plasterers. Many sites around the country use a permanent skin painted black, with the words for the joke being attached by adhesives once a month.

Only a handful of billboards have been given the camo treatment, limited to areas more likely to have duck shooting afficianados. Smith says it's very unlikely this billboard will ever be seen in Ponsonby.

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