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As part of our push to remind you marcomms folk to get your entries in for the 2013 TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards (entries close 5pm Friday 24 May), we're asking some past winners to tell us about their glorious victory, what it meant to the business and why these awards are different. Here's Malcolm Phillipps, chief marketing officer of 2degrees. 

What did you win? 2degrees won the Supreme Marketing Award, Consumer Services Award and Transformational Award n 2010, capping off a fantastic year since the launch of 2degrees in 2009. 

What was it about your entry that stood out?

The launch of 2degrees changed the game for telecommunications in New Zealand. It was more than just a Rhys Darby led above-the-line campaign. It was the clarity of customer insight, driven through to strategy, product, pricing, service and media. Our whole business worked in unison to break the duopoly. 

How did winning help your company, your staff or your career? When we won the Supreme Marketing Award the whole business felt an immense amount of pride. The company had galvanised behind our brand, wanting it to not only be an external expression of who we are, but an internal one as well. It provided a blueprint for our success and continued to build a perception in the New Zealand market that we were bigger than we were. 

Would you recommend other brands, businesses and agencies entering the awards? Absolutely. It forces you to look at your current practices and ask yourself the question ”are we best in class?” That is the process you have to go through as you submit your entry and it is a powerful tool to get your team thinking about what they should or could have done to have been even better.

What are some of the major differences between the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards and other awards?

I think the key difference is that these awards really have a focus on the complete marketing mix, from insight through to strategy, through to execution. Execution is always important, but ultimately a campaign is only as strong as the insights and strategy that it is built on. The winners at these awards are allrounders who excel in all areas.


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