Tread gently: Allbirds and Wrestler launch informative campaign

Encouraging consumers to make more eco-conscious purchases, Allbirds are now labeling all of their products with the product’s carbon footprint.

To support the initiative, the shoe brand has partnered with Wrestler to launch an educational campaign, featuring none other than Kiwi comedian Bret Mckenzie.

Already widely known for their sustainable efforts, Allbirds are always looking to up their game. Now labeling their products with their carbon footprint, it was important to have a campaign that explained this process, while being captivating rather than complex.

Wrestler creative director Kris Hermansson, and producer Jasmine St John, say the video could be considered as a mini-epsiode to a larger micro-series of eco-conscious content.

“As our dear friend Bret McKenzie says “carbon emissions are complicated”.

“We had a lot of dense information that needed to be communicated succinctly and a dedicated piece of content that told Allbirds carbon footprint story in a fun and accessible way seemed obvious.”

Alongside the objective to encourage more educated choices, the video also needed to help cultivate an expectation of transparency from other brands on their product’s environmental impact.

“We needed to demonstrate how Allbirds calculate the carbon footprints of their products in an understandable way.

“We had a lot of information to break down, and we had to do it in a way that was engaging and optimistic. Bret McKenzie and some sick motion graphics seemed like the perfect fit.”

To avoid the typically dull educational video, Wrestler incorporated highly visual vignettes for Mckenzie to interact with which allowed flexibility for all manner of visual gags and scenes.

“Allbirds needed to grab their audience right away and then keep them engaged for the two-plus minute duration.”

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