TradeMe launches DIY ad platform

Auction website TradeMe has launched self-service ad platform Local Ads, aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses. 

Anyone can book, create and see an ad on Local Ads. Users can make their own ads or use TradeMe’s ad creation tools.

“Basically you have the ability to select or upload a background, upload a logo, position it on the page, change colours, put fonts in there. Basically it’s a cut-down version of Photoshop,” says TradeMe head of advertising Yael Milbank.

There is a $50 minimum spend, and users pay $3 per 1,000 page impressions. If users want targeted advertising, there’s premium pricing–$5 per 1,000 impressions.

All ads will be vetted and approved by TradeMe, and need to be family-friendly. A phone sex hotline, for example, would not be approved.

“We’re a wholesome family site and we need to protect the various levels of people who access it. And we need to ensure that the advertiser quality is right for all levels,” says Milbank.

“Anything that is offensive or illegal, that won’t be approved.”

Users can target their advertising by selecting a category for it to appear in, as well as targeting specific age groups. 

Milbank expects the targeted advertising to start in commercial verticals like property, jobs and motoring.

“We have a loyal audience and relevant classified verticals that people are interested in advertising in,” he says.

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