The TVNZ NZ Marketing Awards told through tweets

It has become commonplace for the organisers of corporate events to encourage those in attendance to Tweet about the experience. And last night’s TVNZ NZ Marketing Awards was no different. Throughout proceedings, references were made to #TVNZmightymarketer and some of the well-dressed folk responded had a bit of fun on the platform. Here’s a rundown of the action as told through Tweets. 

Tangible media publisher Vincent Heeringa caught a snapshot of MC Te Radar rehearsing before the event.  

And when proceedings kicked off, it was clear that Radar had some fans in the audience.

Other fans simply publicly requested a proliferation of Radar’s unusual fashion choices.   

The Powershop team shared some crazy faces.

Some people complained.

Others seconded those complaints. 

Postmodernism was thrown into the mix.


There was a call for a new mayor.

There was a rookie winner.

And there were rookie errors.

The winners celebrated.


The cartoon figurines made in the likeness of the winners also showed that appeal of collectibles also extends to those who usually make them.  

And the Chorus team walked away with the big gong at the end of the night.


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