Throng TV launches first online episode

Congrats to Throng TV for launching its first online episode on its website this week. It’s NZ’s first digital portal dedicated to all things TV. Some teething problems with sound but it’s early days and there’s no holding back this gung-ho gang of media wannabes.

throng hosts

Producer Regan Cunliffe and presenters Hamish Coleman-Ross, Dayna Boase and Ben Kettell have created a fun and informed website for TV lovers. They are cute, charming and bursting with potential. We wonder how long it will take for a major network to snap them up.

throng jaquie

In the first episode: Throng exposes actress Brenda Kendall’s despair at having her idea for a series set in an A&E clinic rejected by TVNZ two years before Shortland Street emerged, Dayna gets tips on how to become famous, lots of great one-liners from the red carpet at the Qantas Film and TV Awards and TV3 news director Mark Jennings calls everyone “poofters” and “woofters”.

Impressive start, kids, we will stay tuned.


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