Thievery, prostitution and drug dealing depicted in mind-blowing lawyer ad

Lawyers have the reputation of being officious scumbags that are interested in little beyond overcharging clients. So, in an effort to show solidarity with the average person on the streets, criminal defence lawyer Daniel Muessig has created a bizarre promotional video that features a series of actors engaged in a variety of crimes.

The ad then shifts into a monologue in which Muessig promises to use his ‘street knowledge’ to provide the best possible defence for his clients regardless of the crimes they’ve committed.

In an interview with WTAE he attributes his decision to commission the unconventional ad to his ties to the hip hop community. Clad in a flattop cap and a North Face jacket, he eloquently explains that he attempted to challenge the trope lawyer ads usually depend on by producing a tongue-in-cheek spot that provided a fresh means to reach the target market.   

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