They’re loving our tech companies, there

Kiwi tech companies aren’t just world famous in New Zealand, by the looks of a recent Forbes article.

Contributor Rebecca Fannin recently tripped around innovative Kiwi companies like biotech rockstar Lanzatech, email marketing provider Live Link Connect, book soundtrack company Booktrack, wireless power firm PowerbyProxi and exoskeleton maker Rex Bionics.

She paints a picture of an inventive startup scene and an energised group of angel investors. She was also particularly impressed that big name offshore investors like Vinod Khosla and Peter Thiel have bought in to Lanzatech and Booktrack respectively.

“Being in a far away location where tools aren’t always handy doesn’t matter in today’s digital eonomy, and New Zealand’s tech entrepreneurs today are making the most of high-speed mobile connections and cloud computing,” she said in the article.

“Take LanzaTech as one notable example. Formed in 2005, this cleantech company with a novel process to produce low carbon fuels and chemicals has in a few quick years filed for 285 patents and been issued 36 patents, nabbed $90 million in funding from Vinod Khosla and other top-tier venture investors, and opened two facilities in China with partners to scale its technology commercially.”

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