The Comms Council promote connection through our sector

Keeping connected has been heralded as one of the most important parts of WFH. The Comms Council have gone the extra step, creating a connection series with some of the regular faces of our industry to see how they’re coping in our new normal.

The Comms Council has always had a role to play in bringing the industry together to work on common problems and creating that sense of connection which we all enjoy so much. 

In the strange circumstances we find ourselves in today, that role of bringing the industry together is perhaps more important than ever. So for the past week or so the team at the Comms Council have been working on ways to build industry connection, share information and support the industry through Covid-19.

The first ZoomCast talks to industry leaders about how they’re responding to the challenges they face, what’s changed for them and how they’re looking after their people and clients.

Hosted by FCB’s Peter Vegas, the first episode features Justin Mowday (DDB), Jodi O’Donnell (TVNZ), Angela Watson (Colenso), Paul Head (Comms Council), Shane Bradnick (TBWA), Nick Vile (oOh!media), and Nigel Douglas (OMD).

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