Surfing and beers: a content marketing match for Corona

It is becoming increasingly common for marketers to link brands to content that the target market might find appealing, interesting and, most importantly, shareable. Nowhere is more evident than on the Red Bull website, which is inextricably linked to an encyclopedic range of extreme sports activities. And while attaching the brand to a certain subculture comes with the risk of limiting the broader appeal of the product, the Red Bull marketers have managed to create a culture that oozes an over-arching sense of cool.

And now, in a similar effort to attach a brand to a certain subculture, the team at MC Creative in Australia has created a content room on the Australian and Kiwi homepages of Corona Extra that aims to attach its beer to the laid-back, surfer lifestyle.          

The latest addition to the site is a short film titled Someplace Else, which features a crew of surfers, skaters, artists and musicians taking a trip to some idyllic stretches of Mexico.

This new video is the most recent to be released under the La Casa Artist Residency blog, which has become part of the Corona Extra branding.

Previously, the La Casa crew of travellers also visited New Zealand as part of the ‘Loose but in Time’ series, which was conceptualised and shot by Damaged Goods Zine and Tom Smith.   

Check out all three videos here.

While most non-surfers are unlikely to sit through the full 12 minutes of the latest video from Corona, there is something about these spots that makes us want to dig our toes into the sand and sip on a cold one. 

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