Super Rugby gets super slow for new season promo

The 2018 Investec Super Rugby season is set to be fast-paced and entertaining if its promotional campaign by Sugar & Partners is anything to go by.

Called ‘#DontMissAThing’ and directed by Jason Bock from Flying Fish, the campaign shows the action and hype surrounding the games all in slow-motion. There’s fans jumping, players passing the ball between themselves, media conducting interviews as well as a bride throwing her bouquet and a motocross rider added into the fun.

The musician Kings also makes an appearance as it’s his song ‘Play the game’ the video is set to.

To capture the action in slow motion, Bock used a high-speed Phantom camera hurtling down a track at 85km per hour, filming it at 1000 frames per second. The effect is a slowed spectacle ensuring Kiwis don’t miss a thing.

“There was a fair amount of technological development required to make this shot possible,” says Bock. “We experimented with the length of the set, the speed the camera travelled at and the frame rate to find the sweet spot to bring this slow-mo replay concept to life. Then all we needed was for everyone to nail their performance in each two-second take.”

A behind-the-scenes video captures the moment the camera hurtles past the action.

The use of a high-speed camera to create the spectacle continues the momentum of the campaigns from the past two years, both of which have seen the Super Rugby players put their moves off the field to the test.

In 2016, the players teamed up with Parris Goebel and her crew for the epic ‘#SuperBangBang’ campaign. And last year, Goebel returned alongside Shaaanxo, a sumo wrestler and a leopard for ‘#SuperBoomBoom’. Both were also by Sugar & Partners.


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