Stuck on ideas? Enter the 360 virtual reality shower

Ideas come from the strangest of places, and if the shower’s your place, you’re in luck because you won’t even have to step into the bathroom.

According to one study, 72% of people get their best ideas in the shower. So to take advantage of what this bizarre space has to offer, awards competition The One Show have come up with a virtual reality shower to immerse creatives into the right head space without the need to get themselves wet (or bathe).

The video enables users to pivot the shower on a 360 degree axis, providing an extremely wide range of views such as the shower head, the shower curtain, and the shower drain. 

To accompany the 360 video, The One Show have created a Google VR headset in the shape of its iconic gold Pencil award. The award also makes an appearance in the video itself on the shower curtain, and is surrounded by aspirations such as, “To increase your brand equity”, “To invent your own buzzwords”, “To be featured in Ad Age“, and “To write ‘nap time’ into your contract”.

Created by Canadian agency rethink, the 360 VR experience was also released as a creative reminder that deadlines for The One Show are fast approaching. 

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