The streets are alive: Phantom puts the QR Code front and centre with ‘Talking Posters’

QR codes have long been talked about as a bridge between the digital and the physical. But the oft-used “let’s chuck a QR Code at the bottom of the ad and hope for the best” approach is rarely successful (it has been successful in spawning a website documenting the ridiculousness of QR Codes, however). So Phantom Billstickers has launched a new and hopefully more enticing approach to the technology it’s calling the ‘Talking Poster’.

For the past twelve months the Phantom scientists have been developing a platform where the QR Code becomes the main design element of the poster. And while many designers see them as an aesthetic blight (something local company Set QR has tried to remedy with its designer QR codes), it seems utility (and obviousness) has won the day because, when scanned, the sizeable code directs the user to a mobile-optimised and responsive website that dynamically scales itself to fit the dimensions of the user’s device.

“The real heart of the platform is the benefits it offers to the end-user,” says a release. “With a couple of swipes and an email address, the user can download a song, stream a video, enter a competition or purchase a product. Not only that, but once the user has signed-up once, that’s it. They never need to enter their details again. Each time Phantom runs a QR Code campaign on the platform, the user’s details are automatically pre-filled when they visit the site.”

For over thirty years Phantom, stewarded by head-honcho Jim Wilson, has worked tirelessly to bring music, arts, culture and, of course, commerce, to communities from Whangarei to Invercargill and everywhere in between. And with a number of successful pilot campaigns of this new platform under its belt for the likes of Arch Hill Recordings, Otautahi Tattoo, Hello Sailor and Real Groovy Records, Phantom is now ready to offer the new service to a wider audience.

For a taste of what’s on offer, bust out your phone and scan the posters below. 

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