Strategy wraps up the year

As a creative agency, Strategy believe it is absolutely expected that their end-of-year gift should express their creative skill. At the same time, they want to give something of value, not simply do ‘art for art’s sake’. An additional consideration, is the need for a gift that is as well-received by their VIP clients as it is by their suppliers and contractors; something that every person can accept despite the strict rules some businesses have in place around receiving gifts.

Strategy’s Group Managing Partner, Fraser Callaway, explains: “This annual, 30-year tradition, challenges each of our designers across all studios to develop designs for Christmas wrapping paper. The brief is completely open: each designer has free reign to express their own creative style. Each year, we turn out an entirely new mix of designs that never fail to surprise.”

From minimalist geometry to poetic whimsy or a dash of humour, the designs are as diverse as the personalities across our studios. Most recently, designers at Strategy have taken inspiration from the turbulent last couple of years – paying homage to iconic moments and events. With a huge range of ideas and styles, the toughest part of the project is choosing which papers get printed from the dozens submitted. Packaged neatly in a custom A4 envelope, the set of 10 different, A2 designs are sent out in early December to all of our clients and suppliers.

Nick Harvey, Strategy Christchurch Managing Partner, adds: “The last few years, we’ve had a lot of clients email and call in, checking up on when they will be receiving their Christmas paper. They seriously look forward to it, which is awesome to see. We’ve even had some clients frame the paper as posters instead.”

The Strategy Christmas wrapping paper set is small-scale enough to be ‘acceptable’ for those clients who are not allowed to receive gifts. Yet, the inspiring and eclectic set of designs has become a celebrated, iconic tradition, pre-empted by many. Creative, fun to produce, and especially useful at midnight on Christmas eve when the wrapping begins.

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