Newshub appoints new Political Editor

Discovery has announced the appointment of Jenna Lynch to the position of Political Editor, Newshub, commencing in 2022.

Lynch joined the network in 2014 and has been a political reporter for Discovery’s Newshub since 2016. 

In her time in the press gallery, she’s reported on two election campaigns, multiple leadership changes, coalition negotiations and a prime ministerial resignation. She has covered the government’s response to major events including the March 15 terror attacks and the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Director of News, Newshub Sarah Bristow says: “Jenna is a talented and savvy political journalist with an amazing track record for breaking stories and fostering trusted contacts. She understands the political landscape so well, and how political decisions influence life in New Zealand. I have no doubt Jenna will continue to drive Newshub’s world class political coverage.”
Lynch has also travelled the globe alongside Prime Ministers, reporting from South America, the United States, Asia and the Pacific. She has reported extensively on the housing crisis and the state of our health system.

“I am absolutely thrilled to step up and become Newshub’s Political Editor,” says Jenna.

“The role comes with immense responsibility and I hold deep respect for those who crafted the culture of Newshub’s agenda-setting political coverage. Our gallery team is the best and brightest and I can’t wait for us to continue to bring the very best political news to New Zealanders every day.”

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