StopPress’s top ten most-read stories from our archives

For our anniversary special, we took a deep, deep dive into our archives to see what has performed the best since our creation in 2009. From Youtube stars to chocolate bars, see what our readers digested the most.

1st story – Over 13,500 page visits: Attracting a digital audience: New Zealand’s top ten YouTube channels

This wee round-up of New Zealand’s top Youtube stars gives us insight into our consumption habits in 2014. From make-up bloggers to Peter Jackson, we have a wide variety of tastes, none of which remain in their top spots today.

2nd story – Over 10,000 page visits: The Stoppies 2019: Last chance to vote for your favourite campaigns, ideas and people of the year

It’s exciting that this years StopPress Stoppies Awards voting is our second most-read story since our creation. It goes to show how much the sector has grown, and how much our industry makes other people, such as friends and family, vote for their work.

3rd story – Over 9,500 page visits: NZ’s top ten followed Instagram accounts and the marketability of ‘social influencers’

Back in 2015, the influencer train was just leaving the station and StopPress was right on the ball. This listicle was a deep dive into our Instagram landscape and how it expected Influencer Marketing to grow. Our most popular stars included Lorde, Dan Carter and Jamie Curry, some of which have retained their top spots.

4th story – Over 8,500 page visits: TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards 2017: Why Whittaker’s strategy is the best, bar none.

This article is a deep look into Whittakers win at the 2017 Marketing Awards. It covers why their strategy has catapulted them to success, which still holds true today.

5th story – Over 7,800-page visits: A quick look inside Google’s New Zealand HQ.

It’s no surprise Kiwi’s fascination with the behemoth Google made this one of our top-read articles. The simple look is an interesting view of the New Zealand based offices, yet what was modern and fresh in 2013 now looks like the cookie-cutter mould for most of our offices in 2019.

6th story – Over 5,800-page visits: Jason Gunn and Nek Minnit: NZTA examines the consequences of drink-driving

This campaign which used a very odd pairing of famous Kiwis in the shape of Jason Gunn and Nek Minute dude was, undeniably, weird as shit. It’s not weird however, that people flocked to StopPress to see what it was all about.

7th story – Over 4,900-page visits: TSB unveils its new look via Special Group and Finch.

After 167 years in business, TSB went through a customer-driven makeover by shortening its name and redesigning its logo. And to launch its new identity, the bank’s rolled out a new advertising campaign via Special Group and Finch.

8th story – Over 4,800-page visits: Musical number for Trustpower and Gunroom.

Trustpower devised a musical number for its 2018 campaign featuring four New Zealand musicians. Called ‘We’ve got the time’, it featured musicians Age Pryor, Laughton Kora, Chris O’Connor and Emma Eden coming together to create an original song of the same name. The song, admittedly, slaps.

9th story – Over 4,600-page visits: Are you in the top 1 percent?

Readers were very keen to see how their income stacked up against the rest of the world. The Global Rich List put things in a bit of humbling perspective reported Erin McKenzie back in 2017.

10th story – Over 4,000-page visits: Ogilvy rebrands to Stanley St following sale to Greg Partington, WPP launches Ogilvy International

It’s not surprising at all that one of our biggest shake-up’s of the industry made our most-read stories list. Stanley St became independent, which left readers and industry individuals keen to keep up with what would happen next.

This story is part of our wider celebration of StopPress’s 10 year anniversary. To check out more, click here.

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