Musical number for Trustpower and Gunroom

Trustpower have devised a musical number for its latest campaign featuring four New Zealand musicians. 

The three-minute TVC by Gunroom is called ‘We’ve got the time’, and features musicians Age Pryor, Laughton Kora, Chris O’Connor and Emma Eden coming together to create an original song of the same name.

While the musicians jam and devise the piece, they also spend time exploring their surroundings such as walking in the bush and at the beach. 

This concept was developed off the back of research carried out by Trustpower last year into perceptions of the brand and the role that Trustpower can play in customers’ lives. 

Carolyn Schofield, Trustpower’s marketing communications manager, says its research showed the previous campaign of three years – Captain Energy and Broadband Girl – was very effective in communicating Trustpower’s bundled energy and broadband services, and helped establish a distinct personality for the brand.

“However it was time to move on to something new. We found that through our key products, and through our superior service, Trustpower gives people back time to do the things they want to be doing.  We help customers to feel in control and be confident about the way they manage their daily lives. When day to day life admin is all sorted it creates a bit of extra space in people’s lives to do more of what they want to do,” says Schofield. 

The development of the creative approach was a collaboration between creative director Daniel Crayford of Gunroom, musician Age Pryor and director Chris Dudman.

Schofield says Pryor has written a beautiful song that encapsulates the feeling of taking it easy and having a little bit of extra time to enjoy life.

“And he brought together Laughton Kora, Chris O’Conner and Emma Eden who do a fantastic job bringing the song to life.” 

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