Jason Gunn and Nek Minnit: NZTA examines the consequences of drink-driving

NZ Transport Agency, Clemenger BBDO and Steve Ayson ponder a great dilemma in the latest ‘Legend’ series ad that sees mateship remedy a potentially dangerous drink-driving situation.

The long-standing anti-drink-driving ‘Legend’ campaign has so far seen the creation of the infamous ‘Ghost Chips’, and the role and influence of family members and local legends examined.

Now, in the new ‘Dilemmas’ spot, directed by Steve Ayson and produced by 3&7, it’s examining mateship, and how mates can encourage each other to do the right thing.

It watches as two men convince their mate Jono to hand over the keys after a night drinking when they realise he is the only one who can get them into the Bone Yards surfing spot.

Before realising the significance of Jono’s role in gaining access to Bone Yards, the men run through other potential options including Jason Gun and the Nek Minnit guy – who doesn’t even surf. Gunn, on the other hand, enthusiastically models a wetsuit and surfboard.

The spot’s focus on men comes from the insight that despite a shift in attitudes towards drink-driving over the last decade, there are still gains to be made with younger men.

Rachel Prince, NZTA’s principal advisor of advertising says getting these guys to intervene – when they likely aren’t sober themselves – is a tough challenge.

Adding to that, Brigid Alkema, executive creative director of Clemenger BBDO, says stopping someone from driving drunk is seen as disrespectful to their manhood.

As a result, the campaign aims to re-frame what intervention means, from protecting their mate to protecting their unique and irreplaceable mateship.

Dilemmas launched on Sunday 29 July, with TV, cinema and online placements planned.


Client: NZ Transport Agency
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington
Production Company: 3&7
Media Agency: OMD Wellington

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