Make your vote count (in the StopPress/MediaWorks TVC of the Year 2013/2014)—VOTING ENDS 6PM

We live in a world where targeting individuals is becoming increasingly attainable, where streaming and ondemand services (and, in many cases, illegal downloads) give viewers much more control over what they watch, and where online video has become a major sucker of people’s time. As such, the sceptics tend to believe traditional, primarily ad-funded TV is an anachronism. But, according to NZ on Air and Colmar Brunton’s recent media consumption study, Kiwis are still watching plenty of linear TV; according to ASA ad spend figures, brands are still spending up large on TV advertising; and according to pretty much everyone, good video content still has the biggest emotional impact when it comes to branding. So, once again, we’re aiming to celebrate the efforts brands, agencies and production companies put into changing perceptions and/or selling more stuff over the past year and a bit with our annual StopPress/MediaWorks TVC of the Year. 

Every week we choose a few TV ads and online videos that have tickled our fancy and hand them the TVC of the Week crown. And we’ve whittled down the numerous weekly winners since our last survey to 49 contenders (the vast majority have run as paid ads on a TV network, but there are a couple of longer online videos we felt deserved to be in the running). 

The ad at the top of the pile when voting closes on Monday 18 August will be given the People’s Choice award. Feel free to share the love—and the link—to bump up your numbers. But it’s restricted to one vote per device.  

So mash your finger here to vote for your five favourite ads of the last year. 

To balance out the People’s Choice award, which, I’m sure you’ll all be surprised to learn, tends to favour the larger agencies, we will also gather together a panel of esteemed experts, gurus and juggernauts to choose our overall winner. 

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