State, Colenso BBDO reveal which days of the week we’re mistake-prone

New research from State Insurance suggests Kiwis are more likely to flood the house at the start of the week.

In its latest campaign, State crunched 12 months’ worth of claims data to uncover the types of mistakes busy New Zealanders are more likely to make on different days of the week.

‘The Mistake Report’ analysed around 90,000 car, home and contents insurance claims made by customers between July 2019 to June 2020, and found:

  • Mondays – most likely to flood your home
  • Tuesdays – most likely to damage your car in a supermarket car park
  • Wednesdays – most likely to lose or damage a wing mirror 
  • Thursdays – most likely to fry electronics
  • Fridays – most likely to have a reversing accident
  • Saturdays – most likely to lose or break eyeglasses
  • Sundays – most likely to forget something (such as the handbrake)

State’s Marketing Manager Gabrielle Markwick-Brown says highlighting our most mistake-prone days of the week in a humorous way will hopefully help Kiwis avoid making as many. 

“Being so busy all the time demands a lot of mental bandwidth, which can leave us more vulnerable to making silly mistakes – like leaving the taps running or forgetting to apply the handbrake.

“Our campaign aims to increase awareness of these common mistakes, and the peace of mind insurance can offer.”

State worked with Colenso BBDO and Storyation to create an integrated campaign, including TV, OHH, radio, digital and an eBook.

Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director Maria Devereux says: “Insurance has always felt like it exists for the unforeseen, but the data clearly shows that there are patterns – the unpredictable isn’t as unpredictable as we once thought.” 



Renee Milkop-Kerr EM Customer and Marketing

Gabrielle Markwick-Brown Marketing Manager State

Jo Harding Senior Segment Marketer

Max Whitney Marketing Coordinator

Colenso BBDO

Levi Slavin – Chief Creative Officer

Maria Devereux – ECD

Simon Vicars – ECD

Harry Skelton – Art Director 

Henry Kozak – Planning Director

Amy Pollok – Senior Planner

Lee Lowndes – Group Business Director

Katie Lark – Senior Business Director

Dan O’Leary – Senior Business Manager 

Fern Holloway – Senior TV Producer

Connor Kilkelly – Integrated Producer

Bri Russell – Mac Op

Casey Chan – Digital Designer

Nick Chaffe – Illustrator


Eleanor Black – Senior Content Specialist

Andrés López-Varela General Manager, Strategy & Operations

Amanda Clerke Partnerships Manager NZ

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